Sweet Treats Gift Box

By Especially Needed Curations


 The "Sweet Treats" Gift Box includes:

Adapted Book, “Let’s Bake Cupcakes,” By Breezy Special Ed

How can we create special memories as a family?  It's not always easy for kids to participate if they struggle with focus or attention.  This adapted book can help create a fun and memorable activity. The interactive components will help with engagement, and If your child has a sweet tooth, there will be motivation!

“Let’s Bake Cupcakes”  teaches kids how to bake cupcakes from a box, and introduces them to some common kitchen vocabulary. Typically developing children pick up on language very quickly.  For many kids with special needs, language needs to be taught. This book is a great opportunity to do so.

Start out reading the book together to familiarize your loved one with vocabulary and steps. Don’t feel like you need to read it through once and go right into baking the cupcakes.  Take your time and re-introduce the topic if needed.  Reviewing steps beforehand is helpful and can make the actual event more successful. 

Additionally, there is a laminated visual recipe to take with you during the baking activity. Visual supports help increase comprehension and independence. 

This handmade book comes already assembled. 

Shape Sorting Cupcakes, By Learning Resources

Aside from being totally adorable, this cupcake shape sorter provides opportunities to work on many skills.  For starters, early learners will work on color identification and shape recognition.  For those who need to develop fine motor skills, separating the top and bottom portions of the cupcake will give those fingers a workout.  Putting the pieces back together helps with hand-eye coordination.  Additionally, the cupcakes can be used to facilitate pretend play. For some kids this can be hard concept to learn, so exploring this type of play together can be beneficial. 

8 two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star and heart. Match the shapes to put them back together. Then match the shape to the pan bottom.

Crazy Aaron's Scoopberry SCENTsory Putty

Most children love squeezing, pulling and twisting putty.  For kids who have sensory processing challenges, putty can fill an important need.  Seeking extra sensory information is a neurological necessity for many who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  When needs are met, there can be improved focus, reduction in anxiety and increased regulation.  This velvety soft putty also provides an olfactory component making it a strawberry vanilla ice cream sensory “scentsation."

Fairy Cookie Bubble Bar, By Sugar Milk Co.

My son loves to feel and look at bubbles while in the bath and the sweet scent is an added bonus!  Bubble baths are calming and relaxing for most kids, and are a great activity to help sooth tension or over stimulation.

Made with notes of sweet candy, cherry licorice, and a pinch of orange laced with vanilla cake batter.  

Easy to use: just crumble it under running water and/or agitate the water in your tub with your hand to add more bubbles to your bath tub.

5" Flip Sequins Ice Cream Plush Toy

This "take anywhere" toy serves as a fidget for the fingers. Kids can flip the sequins to receive the sensory benefits from the tactile and visual stimulation. This sequins ice cream toy with soft plush material on back can help calm anxiety during outings to restaurants or family gatherings.