Animals Everywhere Gift Box

By Especially Needed Curations


The "Animals Everywhere" Gift Box Includes:

Adapted Book, “I Spy Animal Features” by The Autism Helper

Some kids with developmental disabilities have limited verbal ability.  Adapted books encourage them to be active participants.  Children are included in the reading activity when asked to physically select an answer from the group of pictures. 

This Adapted Book was written and designed by a Special Education teacher to help improve participation and engagement.  The book has a simple page layout which reduces distractions and targets specific concepts, allowing children to learn with greater ease.  Adapted books are just as effective at home--after all we are the teachers after school!

Especially Needed Curations individually assembles these books by laminating each page, cutting out pictures, binding and placing Velcro where needed.  This time intensive process started by dedicated Special Education teachers creates a wonderful learning tool for your child. 

Included are suggestions on how to read the book with your child written by Founder of The Autism Helper, Sasha Long, BCBA, M.A.

Ooey Gooey Frog-

Many kids with learning differences seek out things to touch and play with throughout their day.  Receiving extra stimulation to the hands and fingers is a necessity for many who have ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  This frog can be stretched, pulled and twisted! It serves not only as a toy frog but also as a tool that can increase focus, reduce anxiety and provide sensory regulation.

The Ooey Gooey Frog is stronger and sturdier than the average stretchy toy. The body is filled with a fairly firm non-toxic goo, sure to give hands and fingers a workout. The legs are made of thick rubber to pull and stretch. It takes a bit of pressure to squeeze and manipulate the frog, making this a great exercise for building fine motor muscles.

Bumble Bee Finger Puppet

Puppets encourage pretend play. For many autistic children, pretend play can be difficult to understand. Providing opportunities for playful interactions is a great way to explore this concept.

Another way to use this finger puppet is to incorporate sensory play. Sensory play can help engage children with sensory processing disorder (SPD).  SPD is common for many individuals with special needs. Examples of sensory play include, jumping, bouncing, swinging, and in this case, tickling.  For those that enjoy being tickled, try using the puppet to pretend you are a buzzing tickling bee.

Farm Animal Water Wow by Melissa and Doug

 This coloring pad includes a wide pen that holds water.   When the pen is applied to pages, farm pictures are revealed.  The wide pen is helpful for those who have fine motor delays. Fine motor delays can prolong the amount of time it takes  for children to develop a mature tripod grasp which is needed for writing. This is a great way to get kids to “color” without having to use narrow crayons or switch colors and regain proper grasp. The ease of use will encourage engagement and participation as well.

 Cat Family Puzzle, By Begin Again

A family of cats make up this travel sized wooden puzzle. For early learners working on color recognition and concepts such as big and small, this puzzle is a valuable addition to your child's toy box. 

Problem solving and pretend play can also be explored with this puzzle. Point out the mom, dad, sister and brother cats while working with your loved one to complete the puzzle. Make up a story about the cat family and mention the features of the cats that are touched on in the book. 

This puzzle is beautifully crafted from sustainably harvested rubberwood and finished with water-based stains.