What are Adapted Books and Why do I Include them my Kids Gift Boxes?


What are Adapted Books and Why do I Include them my Kids Gift Boxes?



According to Sarah Allen, MA CCC-SLP of The Autism Helper:

“Adapted books are books that have been modified in some way and often make it easier for students with disabilities to use…I also find adapted books are more engaging for all students to read…they are interactive, motivating, and target various language skills.” 

Review after review, I learn how Special Education teachers rave about how adapted books keep kids engaged and interested.

“Adorable, engaging and so much fun!” 

“My students love these books and are disappointed when they end.”

"The kids love being able to interact with the book.”

So it got me thinking, how can we use these books at home? 

Parents can read them with their children. I’ve read both books included in the Kids Gift Boxes with my son. I love that he participates by removing pictures, and answers the questions independently.  They challenged him in new ways.

The clean layout of “I Spy Animal Features” reduced distractions and improved focus.  It also encouraged him to make connections about animal characteristics that he otherwise may not have made. For example, horses have hooves and ducks have feathers. These features can then be touched on later, at the zoo, or just reading another book where the animal is mentioned. Both instances are reinforcing what was learned.

 I also believe adapted books can serve as a tool for inclusion. Your child and a typically developing child, whether a sibling, cousin, or neighbor, can share a structured reading activity together.  The kids can take turns answering questions and turning pages.  

Many educators who teach life skills classes use adapted recipe books. These books teach practical cooking skills such as how to measure and how to use appliances.  When a dessert is the end product, the assignment can be fun and motivating as well.  

At home we can use an adapted recipe book as preparation for a family activity.  Reading and reviewing steps beforehand with your child creates more successful outcomes. Laying out all ingredients and introducing them to your child before baking will also help them connect what is in the book to what is happening in the kitchen. 

Adapted books are wonderful tools that create opportunities for our kids to be active participants.  Many children have attention challenges due to how sensory information is processed. Some are not fully verbal and are unable to engage without interactive supports.   As parents, we all want our kids to participate in and enjoy life.  These books can help us help our kids. 

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