Five Tips for Successful Gift Giving for Special Needs Children


Five Tips for Successful Gift Giving for Special Needs Children

For many relatives and family friends with a special needs child in their lives, choosing a gift can be challenging. Here are five tips on buying something for your loved one who may not be interested in traditional gifts.

1. Small Sensory Toys- When you see your loved one, do they frequently have a sensory toy in their hands? Is it squishy, does it have lights, is liquid moving around inside the toy? Are their fingers always busy, or do they like to chew on things? Look for toys that have similar sensory components. Lots of children find sensory toys calming, and comforting.  

2.  Large Sensory Toys- Lots of kids enjoy bouncing, swinging, or spinning. Think back to the last time you spent time with your relative, do you remember seeing them bounce, jump or spin?  Look for toys that can help them get the movement they seek in everyday life.

3.  Contribute to extra curricular activities. Parents may appreciate contributions towards specific activities such as swim lessons, horseback riding, or dance classes. Do they love animals or the outdoors? Purchase a membership to an arboretum, zoo or aquarium.

4. Spend time with them. Plan a few hours for a playdate. One on one time is a great way to bond and create memories. Choose a place where the child is most comfortable for your play date. Check back soon for an upcoming post on ways to connect with your relative who has special needs.

5. Especially Needed Gift Boxes- all of our gift boxes include sensory components and opportunities for learning and engaging with family. Check out our gift boxes for kids here.

No matter what you choose, try and remember to sneak in some 1:1 time with your loved one during the holidays. It matters more than you know. 

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